Wellness Wednesday: Making Friends as an Adult

The arrival of the colder months can be a reminder of the importance of human connection, particularly if you find yourself in a new location without familiar faces. Don't let cold weather deter you from building relationships that can bring joy and a sense of community to your life. If you're seeking to create connections and lasting friendships, here are some ideas to get you started.

Nurturing Your Skin in the Winter

As winter approaches, the cold weather can make our skin feel dry and itchy. This can be tough, especially for people with conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Did you know that the cold affects different people in different ways, especially those from various ethnic groups? It's essential to care for your skin during this time, and here are some helpful tips just for you.

Navigating Grief During the Holidays

The holiday season may feel overwhelming for those grappling with grief. Coping with loss, especially during this time, is a challenge that many people face. Grief doesn’t follow a rulebook—it’s different for each person. Whether you’ve lost a loved one...

Important Notice: Eye Drop Recall

At Henry J. Austin Health Center, your safety is our main concern. The FDA recently issued a warning about specific over-the-counter eye drop products that could pose risks to your eye health. These products have been linked to manufacturing issues that might lead to eye infections, which could even result in vision problems or blindness.

A Healthier Thanksgiving

If you want a healthier Thanksgiving meal, you can get help from Henry J. Austin Health Center’s (HJAHC) Nutrition Services to help you make smarter food choices. Whether you're making the meal yourself or enjoying food that someone shares with you, it's important to think about making it healthy.

Wellness Wednesday: Reduce Food Waste

Welcome to a Wellness Wednesday that's all about transformation: turning leftovers into new meals or snacks! Did you know that Americans toss out 120 billion pounds of food each year? That's a lot of delicious potential wasted. But don’t worry, there's a better way, especially as the holiday season approaches.

Wellness Wednesday: Self Care

On this Wellness Wednesday, we're diving into the world of self-care. It's all about making yourself feel good and happy, regardless of how busy your schedule may be. Today, we'll explore some simple steps you can add to your daily routine, like meditation, daily walks, journaling, and other activities. We all want to be happy and healthy, and these easy tips can help make that happen.