The mission of Henry J. Austin Health Center Quality Improvement Department is to drive quality health care services that improves patients desired health outcomes.

As a patient-centered medical home, this is done by following best practices to provide continuous and coordinated care to our patients. The Quality Improvement Department focuses on proactive system design to achieve these goals, and includes key feedback from front-line staff, as well as from patients in the optimum design of excellent health care delivery systems.

The Quality Improvement Department collaborates with the medical providers, nursing, and all Henry J. Austin Health Center departments to develop integrated and strategic solutions that enhance quality care and service. Using principles of the six domains of quality Henry J. Austin Health Center creates measurable goals for the organization that are:

  • Effective – Providing services based on scientific knowledge to all who could benefit and refraining from providing services to those not likely to benefit (avoiding underuse and misuse, respectively).
  • Patient-centered – Providing care that is respectful of and responsive to individual patient preferences, needs and values and ensuring that patient values guide all clinical decisions.
  • Timely – Reducing waits and sometimes harmful delays for both those who receive and those who give care.
  • Efficient – Avoiding waste, including waste of equipment, supplies, ideas and energy.
  • Equitable – Providing care that does not vary in quality because of personal characteristics such as gender, ethnicity, geographic location and socioeconomic status.

We want you to feel confident that you will receive the best possible patient centered care when you visit us.

2022 Quality and Affordable Care Data  

We serve all patients regardless of income or insurance status. Discounts for essential services are offered on a sliding fee scale basis adjusted for family size and income. Our administrative personnel can assist you in applying, or you may call us at 609-278-5900 to receive more information.

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