Dental Care

We provide patient focused dental care to generations of families from children to adults in a warm, friendly, stress-free environment – and now with new, state-of-the-art, dental equipment.

Our licensed dentists combined have over 120 years of experience, with an average of over 24 years each, delivering high-quality dental care. All of our dentists are certified by both the North East Regional and National Board of Dentistry.

Dental services include:

  • Diagnostic and preventative care, such as X-rays, check-ups, cleanings, fluoride and sealants
  • Periodontics, including gum treatments and deep cleanings
  • Place both white (tooth-colored) and silver (amalgam) fillings
  • Simple and surgical extractions
  • Fabricate partial and full dentures
  • Referrals for orthodontics, braces, endodontics, root canals, crowns and implants

We provide integrated care in healthcare teams, as requested, and are the only Dental provider in Mercer County to accept payment on a sliding scale based on income.

Details & Contacts

Locations of Dental Services: Available at 321 N. Warren Street and 112 Ewing Street

On-site Lab: at 321 North Warren Street, Monday through Friday 8 AM to 4 PM

On-site Pharmacy: at 321 North Warren Street, Monday to Friday 8 AM to 6 PM | Saturdays 9 AM to 1 PM

Dental Care Contact Number: 609-278-5900

Dental Director: Devin T. Goodman, DMD, CASSPT*

Dental Manager: Carla J. Gabriel, RDA, RN, CSPM**

Dental Navigator: Kendy Estrada

*CASSPT (Certified Ambulatory Surgery Sterile Processing Technician)

*CSPM (Certified Sterile Processing Manager)