Wellness Wednesday: Making Friends as an Adult

The arrival of the colder months can be a reminder of the importance of human connection, particularly if you find yourself in a new location without familiar faces. Don’t let cold weather deter you from building relationships that can bring joy and a sense of community to your life. If you’re seeking to create connections and lasting friendships, here are some ideas to get you started. 

Community Events

Look for local community events, workshops, or gatherings in your area to meet people who share your interests. Whether it’s a cooking class, a fitness group, or an art workshop, participating in activities you enjoy can lead to meaningful connections. There are many Mercer County community groups on Facebook where local information is shared. Additionally, cafes often have areas where people can post flyers for upcoming events. 

  • Trenton Public Library hosts weekly free events for different age ranges like language classes, craft nights, and even book signings. 
  • Trenton Film Society hosts events and film screenings for local film fans.  
  • Meetup.com is a platform for people to host events and invite their community, and many events happen to be free. Check out the event this month for free yoga in the park 

Cultural Groups and Heritage Organizations

Discover and engage with cultural and heritage groups that celebrate traditions, languages, and customs. These groups provide opportunities to connect with people who share your cultural background or who have a similar interest in cultural exploration and celebration. While these groups can often be found at places of worship, many of these local groups can be found on Facebook. 


Volunteering is not only a great way to give back to your community but also an ideal platform to connect with like-minded individuals. Seek out volunteer opportunities at local organizations or nonprofits. Working together for a common cause can lead to strong and lasting friendships. Check back soon for volunteer opportunities at Henry J. Austin Health Center. 

Local Clubs

Find local clubs, such as book clubs, hiking clubs, or sports teams. Joining these clubs can be a fun and structured way to make friends who share your enthusiasm for specific activities. 

  • Trenton Eat Local Club supports small businesses in Trenton by tasting different cuisine. 
  • Trenton Elks Lodge allows community members to apply for membership for access to free events and community fundraisers. 

Doing a quick Google search for groups of your interest in Trenton, NJ (or your area) can show how many opportunities exist locally to take advantage of. Remember, building new relationships takes time and effort, so be patient with the process.  Building new friendships is not only possible but can also be a rewarding and fulfilling journey, enhancing your overall well-being and your sense of community. 

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