Wellness Wednesday: Reduce Food Waste

Welcome to a Wellness Wednesday that’s all about transformation: turning leftovers into new meals or snacks! Did you know that Americans toss out 120 billion pounds of food each year? That’s a lot of delicious potential wasted. But don’t worry, there’s a better way, especially as the holiday season approaches. 

Avoid the crowded grocery store and get creative with what you already have at home. Whether it’s wilted herbs or the last pieces of bread, you’ll save money, time, and the planet right in your kitchen. 

Save fruit scraps or overripe fruits to flood your home with delicious scents.

Put them in a pot with a little water and other ingredients you have at home, like cinnamon or vanilla extract. Let it simmer, and your home will smell fantastic, like you’ve been baking all day.

If you have herbs that are starting to look sad, here’s a trick.

Freeze them in olive oil using an ice cube tray. Then, you can use these herby cubes in your cooking.

For the bread lovers who never touch the end pieces…

Here’s a trick: add the bread ends to your brown sugar container. It’ll keep the sugar soft and easily scoopable.

And don’t forget those broccoli ‘trunks’ and carrot tops!

Save your vegetable scraps to craft a delicious, homemade soup or broth, making sure that every bit of goodness is utilized.

Soups are one of our favorite ways to use the things you have in your fridge or pantry to create something delicious. Check out this soup recipe generator that lets you pick the ingredients that you have at home and turns them into something yummy! Super Soup Maker 


These tricks save you time and money. They also make it easier to eat healthy without wasting good food, and an excellent way to add variety to your usual choices. So, let’s give it a try and make the most of what we have in the kitchen.  

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