World Kindness Day

Meet Josephine, a resilient patient at Henry J Austin Health Center, who embodies kindness and strength. She wisely states, “Being strong helps you get better, not worse. Keep moving forward.” 

Josephine didn’t just raise her own six children; she also lovingly cared for her sister’s six kids, totaling 12 children under her care. Her strong belief in the importance of education led her to establish strict rules for her kids when they were young. Now, as adults, her children are thankful for those rules. 

Josephine’s oldest son served as her source of inspiration for her strength. She humbly shares, “I’d do it all over again if they needed me to.” Her story beautifully illustrates how kindness and strength go hand in hand, serving as an inspiration for us to be both kind and strong in our own lives, just like Josephine. 

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