Enjoy the Holidays, Eat Healthy, and Stay Healthy with a Few Tips

The holidays are a great time for people to get together with family and friends to celebrate traditions. Sometimes these gatherings involve food; and a lot of it! Here are a few tips on how you can stay healthy during your holiday gatherings: 

  • Maintain your regularly scheduled meal routine. You should avoid going without food all day as it leads to overeating. Remember to eat breakfast and include a healthy choice such as oatmeal with fruit, nuts or seeds, eggs with vegetables or avocado, Greek yogurt or cottage cheese and fruit.  
  • Plan your food choices when celebrating. Think of food items that will be offered and plan ahead of time. If you’re unsure whether there will be healthier choices at your gathering, offer to bring an item. Consider a salad, vegetable and hummus tray, fruit salad, or a roasted vegetable dish. 
  • If celebrating at a restaurant, review the menu on the website first, and make your decision ahead of time.  
  • Eat slowly! 
  • Drink still or sparkling water. Gravitate towards zero-calorie beverages such as: 
  • A can (12oz) of soda, juice, or punch (at 150 calories)  
  • A cup (80oz) of eggnog (at 350 calories) 
  • Avoid sitting or standing by the snack table. Take a small plate of snacks, step away, and engage in conversation with the people around you. 
  • Avoid sitting at a table for a long period of time after the meal. Get up and offer to help with dishes, go for a walk, or play a board game. 
  • Continue to make activity and exercise a priority despite your busy schedule. 

 Make the healthy choice the easy choice! 

  • Always include a fruit and vegetable. Think colorful choices and fill half of your plate with fruits and vegetables. 
  • Eat unsalted nuts as a snack. 
  • Baked, grilled, or broiled lean meats such as chicken, fish, and turkey. 
  • Include whole grains such as whole grain bread, crackers, and pasta. 
  • Decrease the amount of fatty condiments such as mayonnaise, sour cream, butter, and cream cheese. Choose plain Greek yogurt, yogurt-based dips, hummus, or salsa. 
  • You can still enjoy a sweet treat but limit the portion size. 

HJAHC offers nutritional services that all HJAHC patients can take advantage. To make an appointment, call 609-278-5900. 

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  1. Wallis Griffith

    Thank you for taking the time to extend good wishes to me ! I enjoyed being at your facility. Thank you for your caring staff.
    Best wishes to all of you.

    Wallis Griffith

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