Bras of Hope: Trenton’s Community Impact

During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we see lots of pink ribbons and breast cancer awareness events. But it’s important to know that people need different kinds of support. Not just medical support, like finding cancer early and treating it, but also everyday things, like having comfortable bras. 

In Trenton, our community cares a lot about helping each other. Some local organizations are working hard to make sure women can get bras that fit well, and other life necessities. We want to tell you about these organizations and the incredible things they do in our community. 


HomeFront’s FreeStore is a beacon of hope for many in our community, committed to providing for those in need. 

At HomeFront’s FreeStore, you can shop for clothes, household items, and appliances free of charge once every 30 days. Contact them to make an appointment to get what you need, free of charge. 

United Progress Inc.’s commitment to helping those facing financial hardship ensures that basic necessities are never out of reach for our community members. 

United Progress Inc. is designated to serve individuals at 125% of the federal poverty guidelines, or below.   

  • Website:  
  • Phone: 609-392-2161 and press 2 to inquire and schedule a pickup for gently used clothing, including bras.  

Gestures Of Love exemplifies the spirit of community support that makes Trenton special. 

Gestures Of Love works with community partners to schedule weekly donation pickups and drop-offs to serve those with a multitude of needs, especially food and clothing.  

Contact Edwina Harris via cell phone or email to coordinate either a pickup or drop-off.  

  • Email:
  • Phone: 609525-7525
  • Facebook page “Gestures Of Love Appreciation Group”  


Breast cancer awareness is more than just an annual event; it’s an ongoing commitment to supporting those affected by this disease and addressing their unique needs. Thanks to the dedication of organizations like HomeFront’s FreeStore, United Progress Inc. and Gestures Of Love, individuals in our community can find comfort and support during Breast Cancer Awareness Month and beyond. Let’s remember that compassion, community, and comfort go hand in hand.

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