Important Recall Notice: Listeria Outbreak in Cheese and Dairy Products

A cheese and dairy company called Rizo-López Foods, based in California, is recalling more than 60 products sold across the country. This is because of a listeria outbreak that has made two people very sick and sent more than 20 others to the hospital. 

What foods are being recalled?  

  • The recalled foods include cheese, yogurt, and sour cream sold under different names like Tio Francisco, Don Francisco, and others. If you have any of these products, it’s important to throw them away. Also, make sure to clean any surfaces or containers they may have touched. 
  • Some big stores like Costco and Trader Joe’s have also recalled products linked to this outbreak. If you bought items like chicken street taco kits or certain salads from these stores, you should check to see if they’re part of the recall. 

List of recalled brands: 

  • Tio Francisco 
  • Don Francisco 
  • Rizo Bros 
  • Rio Grande 
  • Food City 
  • El Huache 
  • La Ordena 
  • San Carlos 
  • Campesino 
  • Santa Maria 
  • Dos Ranchitos 
  • Casa Cardenas 
  • 365 Whole Foods Market 

Some other stores like H-E-B and Albertsons also had sauces and dressings that were recalled. 

What are the signs of listeria?  

  • Listeria can make you very sick, especially if you’re pregnant, a newborn, elderly, or have a weak immune system. Symptoms can show up within two weeks of eating contaminated food. 
  • Pregnant women may have mild symptoms like fever and feeling like they have the flu, but it can be very dangerous for their babies.  
  • For others, symptoms can include fever, headaches, muscle aches, and more. 

How common is listeria in food? 

  • Listeria outbreaks happen a few times every year. The CDC says it’s important for people at risk to avoid certain foods like unpasteurized cheese and unheated deli meats. 

How is listeria treated? 

  • If you think you have listeria, it’s important to see a doctor. They can do tests to find out for sure. Most of the time, it can be treated with antibiotics, but it depends on how sick you are. 

Please check any dairy products you have at home to make sure they’re not part of this recall. If you have any health concerns, call 609-278-5900. 


Source: Investigation Details | Listeria Outbreak Linked to Queso Fresco and Cotija Cheese | CDC 

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