Request for Proposals

Henry J. Austin Health Center is currently issuing a Request for Proposals from qualified general contractors for renovations of the 1st and 2nd floors at the Henry J. Austin Health Center located at 321 N. Warren Street Trenton, NJ 08618.

Plans and Bidder Instructions will be available beginning March 29, 2021. To obtain a digital copy of the Plans and Bidder Instructions please contact Saphire + Albarran, 12 North Main Street, Pennington, NJ 08534 or by phone at (609) 737-5924. Contractors shall provide one (1) primary contact name, contact phone number and one (1) contract email address for all subsequent correspondence.  Please include name of company, mailing address of company and title of primary contact with each request for documentation. If mailing address is a Post Office Box, please provide actual physical mailing address in addition to mailing address.

Bidders will be asked to provide information related to similar completed projects including location, client contact, and project scope. This information will be used in concert with lump sum bid.

The use of subcontractors and suppliers that are small businesses, minority‐owned firms, and women-owned business enterprises is firmly requested thus it is expected that the target of 30% of contractors, subcontractors and suppliers’ subs are small businesses, minority‐owned firms, and women-owned business enterprises, and it should be noted that this will be a part of the review process. Bidders will be asked to provide a list of contractors, subcontractors and suppliers including trade, scope of use, address, and ownership classification as a small business, minority, and/or women-owned business enterprise which the general contractor proposes including in the work of the project. As well, Bidders will be asked to provide a copy of the company’s adopted Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) policy, if such a policy has been adopted.

The project shall be bid as single lump sum bid (all trades). Work includes removal of partitions and work related to the installation of dental equipment and renovations to existing offices. Mechanical, electrical and plumbing is included in the scope of work as well as coordination with the installation of dental equipment that will be provided by the Owner. The work shall take place in active medical examination rooms and dental work area and shall have minimum minimal impact on the Health Center operations.

In order to ensure objective contractor performance and eliminate unfair competitive advantage, contractors that develop or draft grant applications, or contract specifications, requirements, statements of work, invitations for bids and/or requests for proposals shall be excluded from competing for such procurements. Awards shall be made to the bidder or offeror whose bid or offer is responsive to the solicitation and is most advantageous to the recipient, price, quality and other factors considered. Solicitations shall clearly set forth all requirements that the bidder or offeror shall fulfill in order for the bid or offer to be evaluated by the recipient. Any and all bids or offers may be rejected when it is in the recipient’s interest to do so. The contractor and subcontractors shall comply with all current New Jersey Public Works rules and regulations.

Contractors and subcontractors who wish to make independent site visits shall coordinate with Merkle Cherry, Chief Operating Officer for the Henry J. Austin Health Center FQHC 609-278-5901. Please note that the health facility is fully operational. Site visitors shall comply with all Henry J Austin Health Center, OSHA and NJ State Law infection control measures.

Optional Pre-Bid Site Visit:  Tuesday 04-06-21 (9AM to 10AM). This site visit is not mandatory. Questions verbally asked during the pre-bid meeting will not be responded to at the time of the site visit. Questions shall be formally submitted as a “Request for Information” directed to the Architect by the single and same “primary” contact who requested drawings and documentation.

Last Day/Time for Questions: Wednesday 04-14-21 (12 Noon). Questions will not be accepted or responded to after this date and time. Questions shall be submitted by General Contractors only to the Architect. Sub-Contractor questions shall be submitted through the General Contractor. Email questions are acceptable, but they shall be by the single and same “primary” contact who requested drawings and documentation.

Bid Opening: Monday 04-26-21 (12 Noon). Submissions shall be “hard copy” and compiled in a single envelope and delivered to the attention of Merkle Cherry, Chief Operating Officer, no later than 11 AM on Monday 04-26-21. Henry J. Austin Health Center reserves the right to reject bids submitted after that time.

Construction Completion defined by beneficial use of the space and all Temporary Certificate(s) of Occupancy issued by the City of Trenton is expected with 200 calendar days after issuance of the Notice to Proceed by Henry J. Austin Health Center to the Contractor.

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