Get Screened, It Can Save Your Life

The second leading cause of cancer deaths in America is Colorectal Cancer. March is National Colorectal Cancer Month and we want you to know the important facts about this cancer. The great news is colorectal cancer is preventable and early detection can save and improve your life!

Colorectal Cancer: Occurs in the colon or rectum. The colon is the large intestine or large bowel. The rectum is the passageway that connects the colon to the anus.

Why Screening Is So Important: Colorectal cancer screening helps find polyps (abnormal growths) in the colon or rectum before they turn into cancer.  When colorectal cancer is found early, treatment can be very effective. In fact, the five-year survival rate of colorectal cancer is more than 90% when it is found early, according to the American Cancer Society.

What You Can Do:

  • Testing should begin at age 45 if you are at average risk for colorectal cancer.
  • If you are at increased risk, see your doctor and get screened for colorectal cancer.
  • There are several screening options. Make an appointment and talk to your doctor about which option is right for you.
  • Do not wait for symptoms to be checked—precancerous polyps and colorectal cancer do not always cause symptoms, especially early on.
  • Even if you have no family history, you need to get screened for colorectal cancer. Most colorectal cancers occur in people with no family history of the disease.

In 2018, the American Cancer Society lowered its recommended age to start colorectal cancer screening because studies show rates of this type of cancer among people younger than 50 are on the rise. If you are at average risk for colorectal cancer and are between the age of 45 and 75, it is recommended to get screened.

If you have or someone you know has any concerns about colorectal cancer and would like more information, call us at 609-278-5900.

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