Pharmacy Department Extends Hours

Henry J. Austin Health Center’s Pharmacy Department is now open on Saturdays allowing more access to care and prescriptions for the City of Trenton.  

TRENTON, NJ – Henry J. Austin Health Center announces extended Pharmacy Department hours. The Pharmacy Department will be open during the week from 8 AM to 6 PM and on Saturday from 9 AM to 1 PM. Patients of the health center and Pharmacy can access the same high level of care during these extended hours.  

“We are so excited to be able to offer these extended hours to meet the need for all our patients and community who utilize our pharmacy department, said Dr. Caitlin McCarthy, Director of Pharmacy for the Henry J. Austin Pharmacy Department.  

The extended pharmacy hours will have the same services that are offered every day. Patients can walk-in or call the pharmacy as well as pick-up and refill prescriptions or talk with the pharmacistSome of the other services offered by the Pharmacy Department include no-cost medication delivery, personal meetings with the pharmacist, medication counseling and education, medication refill and renewal servicesmedication synchronization and packaging, goal-setting for healthy lifestyle changes, and so much more. 

Henry J. Austin Health Center followan integrated approach to providing whole-person care by embedding behavioral and pharmaceutical services within the primary care setting. 

Our integrated approach to healthcare is steeped in limiting inequalities and expanding access. As such, we are thrilled to be able to provide our patients with more access to our pharmacy services,” said Dr. Kemi Alli, Chief Executive Officer of Henry J. Austin Health Center. Providing services to our community for over 50 years we understand the daily struggles our patients face and so we ensure all our patients have their medications in hand regardless of their ability to afford their medications. 

For more information, please contact media and communications specialist, Jen Yaeger at media@henryjaustin.orgIf you would like to talk with the Pharmacy Department directly please call them at 609-278-5931. 

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