Keeping COVID-19 out of K-12 Schools

The CDC recommends the following to ensure safety of in-person learning for young students:

  1. Universal indoor mask wearing by all student (ages 2 years and older), staff, teachers, and visitors regardless of vaccination status
  2. 5 days of isolation and quarantine if exposed to COVID-19
  3. At least 3 feet of physical distance between students inside classrooms
  4. Screening testing
  5. Improved ventilation
  6. Handwashing
  7. Disinfected cleaning
  8. Staying home if you feel sick

In-person learning for kids continues to be crucial for their overall well-being. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, “Remote-learning highlighted inequities in education, was detrimental to the educational attainment of students of all ages, and exacerbated the mental health crisis among children and adolescents.” The closer we follow the CDC’s steps, the closer we are to getting our kids back to proper education and extracurricular participation.

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