COVID-19: Recent Surges and Vaccine Updates

Viruses, like the one causing COVID-19, change over time. These changes create new variants or types that can spread differently. A new type, called JN.1, recently showed up. 

The CDC estimates that about one in every five new COVID-19 cases is because of JN.1. It was first seen in the U.S. around September 2023. 

Experts believe that the tests and treatments for COVID-19 should still work against the JN.1 type. The CDC warns that as more people get JN.1, it might spread easier. 

The updated COVID-19 vaccines should keep us safe from this new variant. But it may have spread more during holiday gatherings. 

More people are getting sick with breathing problems, and hospitalizations are on the rise. But not enough people have gotten the COVID-19, flu, or RSV vaccines. This might mean more people will get sick soon. People who aren’t vaccinated risk getting very sick. 

COVID-19 spreads when an infected person breathes out tiny drops with the virus. Breathing in these drops or touching things they land on might make you sick. Washing hands, wearing a mask, and opening windows can help you and your family stay healthy. 

The best way to stay safe from the new variant is to get vaccinated! You can schedule your vaccine by calling 609-278-5900 or visiting HJAHC will be hosting several vaccine events this year. More details will be available soon.  

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