High Blood Pressure during Pregnancy: Understanding the Risk and Protecting Your Health

Pregnancy is a special time in a woman's life, filled with joy and anticipation. However, it's also a period that demands careful attention to one's health, as certain conditions can pose risks to both the mother and the baby. High blood pressure during pregnancy, a condition known as gestational hypertension, deserves our attention. Recent studies have shed light on the greater risk of pre-eclampsia among black women in the United States (US).

Most adult smokers want to quit. But less than 1/3 are using proven methods to help.

The Surgeon General put out the first report on smoking and health back in 1964. Since then, smoking among U.S. adults has gone from 43% to about 14% in 2018. But even though the numbers have improved, it’s still the leading preventable cause of death and disease in this country.
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