Teachers, staff in Trenton vaccinated at Henry J. Austin Health Center

School district staff in Trenton received their coronavirus vaccinations Saturday at the Henry J. Austin Health Center.
Around 100 staffers were vaccinated as the state looks to get back into the classroom. Trenton schools were originally expected to be back in school earlier in February, but it has been moved back due to the increase in cases.
High School ESL teacher Denise Dadila says she is ready to get back to in-person learning.“It’s very hard teaching virtually for the teachers and for students so I think we should all be back,” Dadila says. “But safety comes first.”
The Centers for Disease and Control and Prevention says in-person learning can be done with masks, social distancing and vaccinating teachers. They do, however, say vaccinating teachers is not a prerequisite for schools to reopen.
An additional 50 vaccines will be distributed again Sunday. The vaccines are given by appointment only and for school staff 65 years of age and older or those with preexisting conditions.

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