First Hand Experience with COVID-19 Trials

On Wednesday, January 6, 2021, Henry J. Austin Health Center Chief Executive Officer Dr. Kemi Alli sat with staff member Nemiah (Ron) Johnson via Zoom to discuss his experience partaking in a COVID-19 vaccination trial.

Johnson, who moved to Trenton from Jacksonville, FL at nine years-old, was initially a drug and alcohol councilor for 17 years at New Horizon before being introduced to the Henry J. Austin Health Center. On January 20, 2021, Johnson will hit his two year mark working for the organization as a community health worker.

“I think it’s just amazing; [Johnson’s] commitment to this community,” said Dr. Alli. “The jobs [Johnson does] are not easy… As we know, life is challenging, particularly for those individuals that are struggling with addiction, and to overcome that, [Johnson’s] support has probably been really integral in helping them through that challenging and really difficult time.”

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