A Vision for Trenton Youth

Henry J. Austin Health Center is excited to announce A Vision for Trenton Youth campaign, a partnership with Vision To Learn to provide free vision screenings, exams, and prescription eyeglasses to all Trenton Public School students in need.

Denise Kreiss, Parent Coordinator and Homeless Liaison for the Trenton Public Schools said, “Students that attend Trenton Public Schools are faced daily with barriers to learning due to affordability of basic needs and other environmental factors. Vision should never be an obstacle to student learning, which sadly enough occurs too often. Many of our students cannot afford to pay for a comprehensive vision screening or better yet have enough money to purchase prescription glasses.”   

 80% of learning during a child’s first 12 years is visual and students with uncorrected vision problems are more likely to fail at least one grade and can fall behind reading at grade level by 3rd grade. This milestone is critical to preventing dropout.  

Vision To Learn is a complete program designed to help students from Pre-K through 12th grade gain corrective vision services that will help them succeed in school and life, using mobile clinics to bring eye care directly to children at schools in lower-income and under-resourced communities. HJAHC and Vision To Learn share the values of breaking down barriers to access life-changing health services and eliminating health disparities.  

For Giving Tuesday this year, Henry J. Austin Health Center’s A Vision for Trenton Youth campaign will include pop-up art galleries and fundraising events, in partnership with community organizations and businesses that share our commitment to uplifting underserved youth. HJAHC hopes to showcase the creativity of Trenton youth and raise awareness and support for corrective vision services for Trenton youth.   

HJAHC has partnered with Trenton Public Schools, Boys and Girls Clubs of Mercer County, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Mercer County, and Princeton University Art Museum, to encourage Trenton youth to create artwork for the campaign that illustrates their visions for their own futures and a brighter future for their community. HJAHC hopes to amplify the voice and perspective of Trenton students, using art as a medium, and to offer them the opportunity to promote engagement and generosity in our community.    

 “HJAHC and the Vision To Learn teams are truly a blessing that will expand our student’s ability to actually see a bigger and brighter future. This campaign will give a space for students to creatively share how vision is not only a basic right but a way to advance educationally,” Kreiss said.    

The program with Vision to Learn is set to launch in January, and HJAHC will continue to fundraise to be able to provide this essential program to 12,000 students in need in Trenton Public Schools. On January 13, HJAHC will feature the artwork created by Trenton students for this campaign as well as donated art from local artists passionate about the cause in an exhibition fundraiser at Artworks. Local artists that wish to donate art for this event can register at henryjaustin.org/register-artworks-exhibition.   

With your support, we can help students in Trenton envision a brighter future! Check out our A Vision for Trenton Youth events and support our campaign at henryjaustin.org/giving-tuesday.   

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