A Letter from the Chairman

Tuesday, June 09, 2020

Dear Henry J. Austin Health Center Family:

I am pleased to report that the dedicated work of the Henry J. Austin Health Center (HJAHC) family continues to ensure the provision and continuity of our quality integrated healthcare services. Our family has met and pushed back on the novel, and ever changing, challenges of this global pandemic – COVID-19. This global pandemic is being defeated by the grit, skill, talent and commitment of our local healthcare providers, technicians, paraprofessionals, staff members and supporters. Thank you for your steadfast service and promise to the patients and partners of HJAHC, the County of Mercer, the State of New Jersey and the United States.

Over the past three (3) months HJAHC Board of Directors and Chief administrators have worked tirelessly to deliver safe, substantive and sustainable resources. The foresight and swift action of leadership has enabled HJAHC to remain stable and productive in a climate of instability and unsure outcomes. HJAHC’s agility to move swiftly on remote work opportunities, expanded Telehealth services, grant applications and community partnerships has played a significant role in our positive journey. The trust placed in our care from our patients and community partners continue to be greeted with endearing professionalism and focus on healthy community results.

Our commitment in healthcare is rooted in our fundamental belief that all things should be accessible, equitable and affordable. This is what drives our daily work. It has been said that, “HJAHC is in the business of changing and saving lives.” I agree. Our “business” of changing and saving lives is driven by our passion for people and community. Currently, while trying to navigate this global pandemic experience of COVID-19, we find ourselves in a quandary of an aged old crisis of race relations and equality. The devastation of racial inequality not only scars the directly offended but it also bruises the larger community. We cannot only be concerned about health outcomes and ignore the imports of racial disparity. They are intertwined. At HJAHC, we are proud to stand on one (1) of our founding and guiding principles that #BlackLivesMatter. HJAHC is a proud employer, community member and beacon of life for all people. The issues of the heart are no respecter of the color of our skin, the orientation of our humanity or the classification of our lot in life.

Dr. Kemi Alli, and all at HJAHC, thank you for continuing to represent and foster an environment of health, safety and care for all that seek our help and/or support. The annals of time will look back on this historic period and record you with grace and favor for a job well done!


Charles L. Davis, II
Chairman, Board of Directors
Board of Directors

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