Start a GivingTuesday Fundraiser

You can start your own fundraiser on your Instagram by creating a post highlighting HJAHC’s GivingTuesday campaign. We have provided a post for you to use in our Social Media Fundraising Toolkit below! Create an Instagram post using our image and tap next to select “Add Fundraiser.” Type in Henry J. Austin Health Center and select @hjahc. Fill in your goal amount and share. Add your post to your story to get more engagement. Make sure to tag @hjahc in your posts so we can follow along as you fundraise for a great cause!

From your desktop, visit the Facebook Fundraiser Page and click on the Raise Money button. Select Nonprofit when asked “Who Are you raising money for?Search for Henry J Austin Health Center Inc, add a fundraising goal, currency and deadline. Click next and fill in the title and description of your fundraiser. Click next, use one of our provided cover photos in the Toolkit below, and click create! Your Fundraiser is now live. Make sure to tag @hjahcnj in your posts so we can celebrate your progress!

Include or in your bio, a post, or in your banner image! We have included a banner and profile frame you can use below. Follow and tag Henry J. Austin Health Center!

On Twitter
Share one of our click-to-tweet posts by clicking on the links! Make sure to tag @hjahc!

In underserved communities, 95% of students that need glasses do not have them. Sponsor a child in #Trenton to get glasses this #GivingTuesday at

1 in 4 children in public schools lack the glasses they need to SEE the board, READ a book, or PARTICIPATE in class. This #GivingTuesday, sponsor a child in @trentonpublicsc to get prescription eyeglasses by donating to @HJAHC

In Your Community
Start a fundraiser for GivingTuesday at your school, workplace, in your religious organization, in your neighborhood or any other community groups to which you may belong! Contact John Dustan for ideas on how to get your fundraiser started and we will provide support along the way!

Social Media Fundraising Toolkit 

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