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Our CEO, Dr. Kemi Alli, was featured in an article published on Wired Insider.

The Key to Telehealth’s Future is Widespread Accessibility

Telehealth is here to stay, but without the proper technological infrastructure and an intuitive experience, it won’t reach its full potential.

A VIRTUAL DOCTOR’S visit may have seemed far-fetched years ago, but by 2021, many patients have embraced telehealth as their preferred form of care. With increased digital transformation, living rooms could be the new waiting rooms.

According to research conducted by healthcare technology and services company athenahealth, telehealth adoption skyrocketed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic—growing from under 1 percent of baseline visits on the athenahealth network pre-pandemic to 17% by April 2020. The de-identified data collected from across athenahealth’s network of customers also found that healthcare organizations’ adoption of virtual care revealed increased convenience for patients, expanding appointments outside of standard clinic hours and eliminating travel time.

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