Nutrition Webinar with Susan A. Jones, RDN

This webinar was conducted on Wednesday August 17th with Henry J Austin Health Center’s Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Susan A. Jones, as part of National Health Center Week. In this webinar she covered tips on how to save money while still...

Latino Spirit

Dr. Evans, Chief Medical Officer, and Latino Spirit discuss vaccines and boosters for children.

Stand CNJ Facebook Live

NJ Healthcare Disparities and Access Inequity

Speakers discussed issues of inequity, access, and other barriers to healthcare, including the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine, and how we can advocate to direct resources to communities most in need.

AIM Facebook Live

World Asthma Day

Join our Asthma Improves with Management (AIM) Program Tuesday, May 4 at 6 PM as they discuss how to better understand asthma, identify triggers, and manage your child’s asthma. Presenters include Margaret Vasil, AE-C, Certified Asthma Educator, and Ashley Gonzalez,...

Let’s Get Vaccinated

Take it from Dr. Kemi Alli, CEO, wife, mother, friend, we must all get vaccinated to stop the spread of covid-19.

Carmen Mercedes

Las maneras más eficaces de ponerse una mascarilla

Para protegernos contra el virus COVID-19, creamos un video para demostrar las maneras más eficaces de ponerse una mascarilla. Mientras todos esperamos para vacunarnos, ¡ponernos una mascarilla es la mejor manera de protegernos, a nosotros mismos y a nuestros seres...

Dr. Kemi Alli Mask Video

Most Effective Ways to Wear Your Face Mask

To protect yourself from the COVID-19 virus we created a video to show you the most effective ways to wear your face mask. While we all wait to be vaccinated, masking is the next best way to protect yourself and...


Charla sobre la vacuna COVID-19

Tiene dudas sobre la vacuna COVID-19? Son seguras? Por qué nos debemos vacunar? Lo invitamos a una CHARLA con la Dra. Evans! Ella responderá a todas sus preguntas!

Saving Lives with the COVID-19 Vaccine in NJ Black & Caribbean Communities

Nearly a year into the pandemic, COVID-19 continues to circulate across our state and nation. Vaccination is a crucial component in battling the virus, especially in communities of color that have been disproportionately impacted. We recognize that there’s mistrust of and resistance to the COVID-19 vaccine across Black and Caribbean communities due to long-standing inequities in the healthcare system.


Are COVID-19 Vaccines Safe & Effective?

In partnership with Trenton Health Team, Inc. and Rutgers Institute for Health, Health Care Policy, and Aging Research, we hosted an online Q&A session on COVID-19 vaccine safety and efficacy for the Trenton community. Thank you to our panelists, including: Dr....

Peterson's Breaking News of Trenton

Let’s Talk COVID: Peterson’s Breaking News of Trenton

Panelists include Dr. Adela Ames-Lopez, Director, City of Trenton Health and Human Services; Dr. Kemi Ali, Henry J. Austin Center; Yvette Graffe-Cooper, City of Trenton, Health & Human Service Officer; & Grady Griffin, Interim Director of the Office of Emergency...

Kim Allen Everyday Hero

Meet Everyday Hero, Kimberly Allen

Meet Kimberly Allen, President of Local 3386 and the first recipient of AFSCME New Jersey’s Everyday Heroes Award. Kimberly is a Licensed Practical Nurse who works in the Infectious Disease unit of Henry J. Austen Health Center in Trenton, NJ....

Take it From Us

As vaccine distribution continues in NJ, we are now one step closer to stopping the spread of COVID-19 in our state.

Interview with Nemiah (Ron) Johnson

Interview with Nemiah (Ron) Johnson

Interview with Nemiah (Ron) Johnson - Our staff member, Nemiah (Ron) Johnson, participated in the COVID-19 Vaccine Trials and our CEO, Dr. Kemi Alli, interviews him on his experience and what the trial was like.

COVID-19 Vaccines Explained

COVID-19 Vaccines Explained

Live discussion on the recently approved COVID-19 vaccines with our CEO, Dr. Kemi Alli, CMO, Dr. Rachael Evans and facilitated by New Jersey Primary Care Association's President and CEO, Selina Haq, Ph.D.

Trenton Town Hall Meeting

Trenton Town Hall Meeting

Trenton Town Hall Meeting - To take the Vaccine or Not to take the Vaccine? That is the question.

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