Pharmacy Program Manager - Henry J. Austin Health Center

Pharmacy Program Manager

Status: Full Time
Department: Pharmacy
Location: Warren
Hours: 8am-5pm
Union: Non-Union


The Pharmacy Program Manager works in collaboration with the Director of Pharmacy to develop and manage programs integral to the function of the pharmacy department, which includes both the clinical pharmacy department as we as the prescription pharmacy department. The Pharmacy Program Manager is heavily involved in coordination of the 340B Program, management of pharmacy contracts, development of policies and procedure, creation and implementation of new pharmacy services, tracking and trending pharmacy performance, and management of pharmacy workforce needs.
HJA providers to provide top quality care to its patients and the general community.  He/she advises providers on drug usage and dose control. Specifically, the Clinical Pharmacist will advise providers on any and all dangers of various drugs, list their side effects, and help them determine the correct dosages for the patient. Additionally, the Clinical Pharmacist will provide direct clinical care to patients including medication therapy management, participation in collaborative practice agreements, coordination of treatment with physicians, and general patient care management.


  • 340B Program Coordination
    • Actively engages with senior leadership and participates in decision-making processes related to the implementation of new 340B processes.
    • Serves as the institutional compliance expert or authority on 340B.
    • Serves as the primary internal and external program coordinator and liaison for all 340B-related matters.
    • Serves as the primary internal liaison to key stakeholders to help ensure appropriate utilization of the

340B Program and compliance with all program requirements.

  • Acts as the liaison with necessary affiliated departments to ensure 340B Program integrity.
  • Serves as the institutional compliance expert on 340B regarding program details, policies, and procedures of the virtual inventory processes required for mixed-use areas.
  • Provides expertise with the 340B Program to staff and participants regarding ongoing compliance.
  • Develops and maintains internal relationships (accounting, legal, national) and external relationships (wholesalers, manufacturers, contract pharmacies, split-billing software vendors, employee benefit pharmacy benefits managers (PBMs), and third-party administrator (TPA) vendors) as needed.
  • Responsible for ensuring that the annual HRSA recertification is completed within the allowable time frame.
  • Responsible for ensuring that the HRSA 340B OPAIS is accurate for all organization entities.
  • Responsible for ensuring registration of any new child site within the allowable time frame.
  • Contract Management
    • Reviews and negotiates any new pharmacy contracts, such as 340B contracts, insurance provider contracts, and distributor contracts. Maintains all pharmacy contracts as per the policies and procedures established by Henry J. Austin Health Center.
    • Manages relationships, billing services, and compliance with contracted 340B pharmacies.
    • Evaluates all current and future contract pharmacy opportunities, including contract language, fee structure, data setup, and internal and independent external auditing.
  • Policy and Procedure Development
    • Ensures that policies and procedures are developed and implemented according to organizational, regional, national, state, and federal requirements and guidelines and are approved by the institution’s legal department.
    • Assists organizational leadership to develop a regular compliance audit program of the 340B Program.
    • Contributes processes and materials to promote programs or support the goals of the department and institution.
    • Establishes consistent policies and procedures for 340B that ensure productivity and efficiency so that long-term management of the program does not hamper operations or create unnecessary costs.
    • Develops and modifies 340B policies in accordance with state, federal, and system program requirements.
  • Education
    • Provides ongoing training, education, and communication required for the 340B Program at the organization.
    • Manages health system education, training, awareness, and customer service for all 340B covered entities.
    • Develops training and competency materials for all staff and leaders who work with the 340B Program.
    • Conducts ongoing 340B Program training for staff.       
    • May assist in the development, implementation, or promotion of programmatic resources/tools to support staff.
    • Regularly communicates with all staff involved with the 340B Program to be sure that processes remain efficient and to address any problems or suggestions for improvement. Establishes a clear way for staff to communicate concerns to the coordinator.
    • Provides regular education to staff on policies and procedures related to 340B compliance.
  • Rules/Guidance Surveillance
    • Monitors and assesses 340B guidance and/or rule changes. Attends regular 340B trainings and shares lessons and hot topics with staff.
    • Routinely monitors industry publications and websites as well as the professional media, literature, and peers to ensure that the institution has the latest information regarding interpretations, rulings, suggestions, and advanced ideas for improving participation.
    • Ensures that the 340B pharmacy program is continuously compliant with 340B federal regulations.
    • Maintains knowledge of the policy changes that affect the 340B Program, including, but not limited to, HRSA/OPA rules and Medicaid changes.
    • Provides expertise on all 340B Program legislation and policy changes from HRSA and OPA, informing and collaborating with legal and compliance teams.
    • Collaborates with the Prime Vendor Program, pharmacy leadership, and other 340B institutions to determine the most appropriate use of the 340B Program staff.
    • Develops knowledge and maintains awareness of current regulations, trends, and issues pertaining to the 340B Program.
    • Keeps abreast of trends and issues pertaining to the program and relays applications and interpretations to assist departments.
  • Audits
    • Develops, executes, and documents self-audits of the 340B process. Coordinates and ensures remediation of findings.
    • Conducts and/or coordinates audits of all 340B contract pharmacies according to the policies and procedures created by HJAHC. Documents results and follow- up on any findings.
    • Serves as the point person and coordinator for all external audits. Coordinates all requests and responses.

HJAHC Job Description:  Clinical Pharmacist
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  • Fulfills his/her obligation to contribute to the general knowledge that advances health and quality of life through attendance at conferences, development and delivery of post and platform presentations, and/or publication in reputable, peer-reviewed journals
  • Pharmacy Enhancement/Expansion
    • Identifies opportunities to expand and optimize the current pharmacy program.
    • Develops plans for implementation of new pharmacy services.
  • Reporting
    • Tracks and reports pharmacy department revenue generated through the clinical pharmacy and prescription pharmacy departments.
    • Tracks and reports cost-savings generated through the 340B Program, and:
      • Tracks how savings are utilized
      • Identifies areas for improvement
    • Tracks and reports pharmacy department productivity, particularly as it relates to prescriptions processed and clinical pharmacy visits.
  • Pharmacy Workforce Management
    • Performs needs assessments to ensure that the pharmacy department is adequately staffed to meet the demands of the patient population.
    • Assists with the recruitment and retention of pharmacy personnel, including such tasks as creating job descriptions, posting positions, scheduling and conducting interviews with candidates, negotiating contracts, and creating programs for promoting joy in the workplace and boosting employee morale.


  • Bachelor’s degree preferred.
  • Two to three year’s coordination experience; health care leadership is preferred.
  • Working knowledge of retail pharmacy considered an asset.
  • Working knowledge of the 340B program considered an asset.
  • Prior experience working in a low-income, urban setting with racially and culturally diverse population preferred.


  • High energy and enthusiasm, positive, “can-do” attitude with a high degree of initiative
  • Must be able to work in a team environment and collaborative environment
  • High attention to detail
  • Passion and commitment to community health
  • Strong passion for working in an urban environment with patients with complex drug regimens
  • Strong verbal communications skills and demonstrated ability to write clearly and persuasively
  • Demonstrated ability to use Microsoft Office applications, including Microsoft Word, Outlook,Excel and PowerPoint


Reports to Director of Pharmacy, Chief Medical Officer, and Chief Executive Officer


Full-Time exempt (40 Hours per week)


This position requires the manual dexterity sufficient to operate phones, computers and other office equipment.  The position requires the physical ability to kneel, bend, and perform light lifting.  This person must have the ability to write and speak clearly using the English language to convey information and be able to hear at normal speaking levels both in person and over the telephone.  Specific vision abilities required by this job include close vision, depth perception and the ability to adjust focus.  Generally, the working conditions are good with little or no exposure to extremes in health, safety hazards and/or hazardous materials.